The Art Of Prints And Inks Is Ready To Spread The New Wave Of Innovation In Belfast

Every city has a unique history to share with the world – Not just unique but inspiring and interesting too! It is the same with the famous city of Northern Ireland, Belfast. From over two hundred years, the economy of Belfast is rising with the commerce sector. The beginning years of trade in the city was carried out through Belfast Harbour. Eventually, the commerce industry began to grow, paving way for shipbuilding and linen. The arrival of 20th-century came with a new growth era for the city – by then it had become the world’s largest producer of linen – and also had the pride of having the largest shipyard. Owing to this achievement, the city earned a nickname “Linenopolis”.

Diving into the presence, today Belfast is recognised as the educational and commercial hub of Northern Ireland. Being a part of the G20, the Northern Ireland and Belfast, in particular, is set to reduce the Corporation Tax levels which are expected to bring thousands of new jobs, giving a major boost to the local economy. Furthermore, the lower tax rate will also bring additional opportunities in the field of Life Science and Advanced Manufacturing like the industry of printer ink in Belfast. Since the arrival of the 21st-century, Belfast has invested more than 2.56 billion pounds on regeneration. And, it is planning to the spent an equivalent investment amount in the next 10 years for local improvement.

This was just a small glimpse into the economy of Belfast. Now moving onto its cultural aspect, the city reflects a culture that is much like a mirror image of the culture of Northern Ireland. From more than two centuries, Belfast is identified as the cultural and academic centre – earning another popular nickname “Athens of Northern Ireland”.

Belfast is the birthplace of many renowned artists and cultural performers. The art and culture in the city always bring innovative events and exhibitions that add to the economic as well as social growth. Even this year in 2018, loads of art exhibitions, shows and printer ink events in Belfast are anticipated to bring in a new wave of innovation, education and excitement in the city. That is why we are here with the best art exhibitions, events and workshops, all compiled together for a quick access to the major highlights!

Linen Biennale Northern Ireland

Linen Biennale event marks the globally renowned heritage of Belfast being the largest producer of Linen. The event is coming back this year to celebrate the past, present and future landscape of linen in the eye of art festival taking place at the R-Space Gallery in Lisburn. It will be a three-month long festival of arts, craft and designs including exhibitions and conferences that will be showcased under the main themes of “Recall, Rethink and Reform”.

The Linen Biennale event will provide new insights related to the oldest textile products of NI – flax and linen. The event aims at sharing its innovative perspective on the application of linen in arts, craft, design and technology – the new thinking will connect the modern audiences and the users locally, nationally and internationally. This will help in stimulating new ideas and development for future growth. The event is set to launch on 1st August 2018. Additionally, the conference of the event will take place on 3rd and 4th October 2018 in Lisburn.

Print And Finishing Event

Shop Online Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges in UKMJ Flood is hosting a new Print And Finishing event in Belfast this year. MJ Flood, founded in 1935 is one of the oldest local suppliers of copiers, digital technology and modern office furniture. Moreover, the organisation has been providing quality printers inks management solutions to Belfast and NI as a whole.

Thus, MJ Flood and DBC Group in collaboration are hosting this event, welcoming print companies to attend the knowledge-sharing event on production print and finishing. MJ Flood will be demonstrating Konica Minolta’s bizhub Press C6085 and AccurioPress C2070 and the DBC Group will present a variety of specialist finishing equipment such as Matrix Laminating Systems, i-Mark Die Cutting Automatic Feeder, Touchline Creaser and Perforators, and more.

The event will be organised in the Stormont Hotel, Belfast on 15th and 16th March 2018.

Black And White Ink Print Photography In Belfast

If you wish to learn the traditional way of using the processed negatives to create black and white photographic prints, then this event is for you. Belfast Exposed is hosting a print workshop that throws light on darkroom techniques of black and white photography of the old days.

Enthusiastic participants are requested to bring their own processed negatives to the session. During the workshop, the participants will get an opportunity to convert a roll of film into contact sheets and create and edit from their own contact sheet. Furthermore, the learners will understand how to get the correct exposure and tonal range of the print and also how to enhance the quality aspects of the image. Printing on a variety of papers including resin, single grade, coated, fibre papers and pre-flashing the paper will be a part of the session.

Black and white photographic print enthusiasts can enrol for the workshop course that will be conducted on 17th May and 24th May 2018 in Belfast.

Belfast Print Workshop

Belfast Print Workshop is the oldest and the most renowned place in Northern Ireland where professional printmakers can exchange their ideas, express their personal talent while making use of the equipment, facilities and materials. The printmakers can display and sell their artwork at the integrated gallery that is open seven days. The open space gallery gives them additional opportunity to showcase their talent via online access.

Not just professional printmakers, but even those having a passion to learn printmaking techniques can visit the workshop. The Belfast Print Workshop aims at providing top-grade facilities to professionals as well as beginners. It encourages the youth to be a part of the printer ink creations in Belfast that helps the community to develop, innovate and socialise.

Belfast Children’s Festival

Belfast Print Workshop celebrating the 20th birthday of Belfast Children’s Festival which invites children and young people to enjoy the best international and local arts event. Visitors will have a great time being a part of the festival that includes a full range of cultural programmes from theatre, visual arts, music and dance to inspiring talks and workshops. Artists from all over Europe including the indigenous talent will present interactive shows across different venues in Belfast. A part of this festival also offers different programmes specially organised for adults and professional artists.

Belfast Design Week

Belfast Design Week is a week-long festival that organises a series of events and activities that look forward to encouraging and celebrating the Northern Ireland’s traditional designs that have been passed on from generations to the most contemporary designs of 21st-century.

This year in 2018, the festival will take the visitors on a tour of the modern printer ink technology in Belfast. Visitors will get a chance to have a practical experience with how the print job is carried, how a book is created, what digital print equipment looks likes and much more. The event is a must-visit space for designers and print learners to get a comprehensive understanding of how they can potentially create their future projects and make the most out of it.

The festival will run from 4th to 10th November 2018 in Belfast.

Belfast Open Studios

Belfast Open Studios is the workspace of artists where visitors are welcome to have a look into their world of artmaking. This year a dozen artists will be conducting exhibitions with their best work at the display. Two of the distinctive art exhibition details are discussed here.

Scattered Seeds By Deirdre McCrory

Deirdre McCrory is an applied artist with special skills in enamelling and printmaking. She gets the imagery for her artwork from the surroundings at home and abroad. The patterns of nature, organic growth and decay and the different combination of different shapes and colours are the inspiration for her artwork.

This year McCrory is exhibiting her artwork with the theme ‘Scattered Seeds’ at the Townhouse Gallery in Belfast from 24th February to 31st March 2018.

Concerning the Other – Group Exhibition

Concerning the Other is the art project created by ten contemporary artists over a period of ten weeks in summer 2017. This state of the art project has been accomplished with the application of one hundred pieces of art. The masterpiece gives a message to the world concerning the minorities in these days of racism and intolerance.

The artwork is a virtual project where each of the ten artists was invited one by one to work on it and then emailing it to the next artist in the group to provide his contributions. This way the process continued until it reached the 10th artist. It was an innovative approach and engaging experience for everyone.

The final artwork has been displayed this year at QSS Gallery which is open for visitors from 1st March to 29th March 2018.

The Crescent Gallery Exhibitions

The Crescent Gallery is hosting a number art and craft exhibitions this year. One of its exhibitions is a part of the of Belfast Children Festival where the homegrown talent of PJ Lynch will be the centre of attraction. The exhibition is on from 10th March to 14th March 2018.

John Behan 80th Birthday Exhibition

Another extraordinary solo art exhibition hosted by Mullan Gallery is John Behan’s Solo Sculpture Exhibition as he celebrates his 80th birthday this year. John Behan is exhibiting his work two years after he displayed his magnificent bronze work at Crescent Gallery.

John Behan hails from Dublin where he was born in 1938. He is a member of the Royal Hibernian Academy and also the Aosdana. Behan is an internationally recognised artist famous for his public, original sculptures such as the Famine Ship in the National Famine Memorial Park in County Mayo and ‘Arrival’ at the UN Building in New York.

This years exhibition reflects his inspiration gathered from travel to far away places, Irish literature and ‘The Tain’ which reflects his interests at home and abroad. His work will be put to display from 15th May to 26th May at the Crescent Gallery.

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