Birmingham Print And Ink Industry Brings To You The Latest From The Tech-world

For centuries, Birmingham has served as an important manufacturing and engineering centre in the UK. The Industrial revolution in Birmingham witnessed a pioneering advancement in the field of science, technology and economic development. The city has always remained at the forefront with its innovative outlook that has laid the foundations of the modern industrial society. Industries like Printer Ink in Birmingham have a significant impact on the economy. Going back to the era of the 19th century, Birmingham served as the leading pen manufacturer of the world. The Brummies would know it well that in the 19th century almost everything in the world was written with the very popular Birmingham-made ink pens. That was a time the city was the centre of the world trade and the city’s pen industry flourished rapidly with the establishment of more than 100 pen manufacturing companies.

Moving ahead from there, Birmingham saw an economic diversification in the recent years in the form of service industries, retailing and tourism. The unemployment rate in the city substantially dropped from 11.4% in 2013 to 7.4% in 2016. Owing to its rapidly improving economy, it is recognised as the second largest economic centre in the UK and the third most globally influential city. After few years of downturn, today Birmingham is relishing its economic revival showing it to the world a place that is best to live and work.

Birmingham printer ink industry is evolving technologically with innovation. From the early screen prints to the latest 3D printing technology, Birmingham brings to you the 21st-century art and tech-culture right in the heart of the city. Among them are the famous illustrators, artists, printer ink exhibitors and ink cartridge Birmingham suppliers and manufacturers showcasing their talent and latest innovations. We have compiled a list of leading print and ink events happening in Birmingham this year. You will not find a quick access to so many events anywhere else.

So, without wasting time let us have a look at the printer ink events in Birmingham 2018 – it is something truly beyond your expectations!

Label And Print 2018

What will the future of packaging, labeling and converting bring to us? If you are curious enough about that, Label and Print 2018 event is the destination. Whether you are a global retailer from the print industry, a Birmingham based ink cartridge manufacturer or just a visitor, this event will help you expand your knowledge of latest developments. It is a must-visit event for those who wish to learn the exciting new innovations from print, packaging and converting industry to expand their business and services.

Label and Print 2018 will bring to you 300 exhibitors and 5 seminar theatres with 30 hours of CDP-accredited content. It offers an unmatched platform to exchange ideas and develop business networking. The two-day show will enable you to discover the latest trends and techniques, opportunity to explore new suppliers in the industry, get in touch with the current suppliers and at the same time experience the difference with a wide range of products.

The seminar is set to exhibit its talent and share the knowledge at National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham on 28th February and 1st March 2018.

MACH 2018

Mach 2018 is presenting to the world its premier show on advances in the manufacturing industry. The event will be hosted by Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), a UK trade organisation dealing with engineering-based manufacturing. The event is a 5-days biennial exhibition that will demonstrate the best innovations and latest developments happening in the UK. It is a place-to-be for the manufacturers and engineers enabling them to attend lively seminars and involve in distinguished networking opportunities.

The 2016 event saw a thriving success with both the exhibition halls sold out making a staggering 150 million pounds of business. Thanks to Mach 2016, more than 600 companies and hundreds of visitors were a part of the successful show. To put up a bigger show this year, Mach 2018 is all set to impress everyone with its new zones and cutting-edge innovation. The visitors’ count is set to cross 25,000 this year. The event will be organised at National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham from 9 to 13 April 2018.

Sign And Digital UK 2018

Shop Online Epson Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges in UKSign and Digital UK is the leading annual exhibition of the United Kingdom for signage and display sectors. It is the destination for you to discover the latest innovations in sign making and digital printing. The event will be showcasing a full range of innovative products and services presented by 180 and more leading suppliers of the modern printing industry. A host of products such as digital printing material and equipment, display systems and finishing equipment, lightbox, CNC equipment, laser engraving equipment, sign, signage will be the limelight of the event brought to you from the world of digital printing.

The show attracts an immense number of audiences from UK, Ireland and the other parts of Europe. For commercial printing companies, graphics and design agencies, creative and advertising agencies and industries of the ink cartridge, Birmingham Sign and Digital 2018 event would be an explicit platform to develop and expand their business.

The event gives a golden opportunity to professionals from digital signage and branding industry to sharpen their skills with ample of designing and graphic art software such as Abode, coral and sign labs presented during the event. What’s more? You will have a chance to learn from industry leaders and experts with a free visitor entry.

The event is ready to take place at National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, Halls 17 and 18 from 24th to 26th April 2018.

The Print Show

The Print Show is the place where the global print technology pioneers like HP and Epson are actively involved. Coming to the local variety, Birmingham printer inks industry is a rapidly growing sector in the UK striving to stay ahead in competition with its share in latest developments that help achieve faster turnarounds, lower wastage and greater output quality. It also includes the Birmingham ink cartridge sector throwing light on innovative new materials and software systems. All this brought together, the Print Show hosts a series of business seminars and exhibitions to help businesses and individuals get hands-on latest technology and trade services.

The Print Show launches brand new systems exhibited the first time in the whole of UK. It provides customised solutions to businesses with the introduction to new products and services all under one roof. The show will take place at National Exhibition Centre Hall 9 in Birmingham. The show will run from 18 to 20 September 2018.

TCT Show

From 2 decades, the TCT Group has been launching its exclusive TCT Show with the latest from 3D manufacturing technology. The show is leading 3D design and manufacturing technology event recognised worldwide. In 2018, the event will bring together dozens of inspirational speakers, more than 300 exhibiting companies and above 10,000 visitors from across 40 countries.

The show will not disappoint you with its launch of the most innovative collection of digital manufacturing products and show features. And the most exciting thing is that it takes you on a tour of the 21st-century’s latest 3D technology world. More on the list is the very interactive conferences, seminars and fresh demonstrations. TCT show will provide you with an insight into innovation, digital education and the strategy to execute business.

The event is set to hit the show floor on 25th September with a conclusion on 27th September 2018 at National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham.

The Birmingham and Midland Institute Art Exhibitions

The Birmingham and Midland Institute will be hosting a series of exhibitions throughout the year. This year exhibitions are dedicated to solo artists presenting their latest work ranging from original paintings to photographic prints. Three of the exhibition details are discussed here.

Tom Hicks Exhibition

Tom Hicks is a photographer, writer and curator who will be exhibiting his photographic project ‘@blackcountrytype’ this year. Being a native of the black country, Tom Hicks will present to the audience a visual record of the region while exploring its humour, tradition and variety of visual culture. The exhibition will focus on the unexplored areas of the black country along with objects, handmade graphics, graffiti and vintage typography. Visitors are welcome to attend the artistic exhibition any day between 29 January and 23 March 2018.

Midland Painting Group Exhibition

Midland Painting Group was found in the 1940s with an intention to spread the knowledge of visual arts, share the interests and the expertise. The professional artists of the team come forward to lend a guiding hand through appraisals. The members of the group include a variety of artists from established artists to amateurs. Passionate pastime painters with a hobby for the profession are also a part of the group. The composition of the group manifests their strong belief that art has the power to overcome age hurdles and social boundaries. Visitors can meet the group with their art collection from 26 March to 18 May.

Jacqui Dodds Exhibition

Jacqui Dodds is an artist showcasing her skills in paint and printmaking. She is a member of the Birmingham Printmakers. Her art collection is based on the memories of the places visited. Her experience reflects in the art and print work created. She creates artwork frequently for museums and heritage venues. You can visit her vibrant masterpieces from 21st May to 6th July.

Textile Design And Screen printing Workshop

The Textile Design and Screen printing workshop is the place for you to get familiar with the practical application of screen printing designs using stencils and direct techniques. It gives you a chance to create your own unique designs with print paste and thickened dyes. You have the freedom to experiment and create your masterpiece through this workshop. Techniques like the screen printed textile designs, mark-making, image layering and patternmaking and more will be a part of the teaching session.

The workshop is open to anyone aged 18 and above. Beginners with no experience in the screenprinting are welcome to attend the event to grab the opportunity that offers full guidance and instructions. Moreover, even people who are physically challenged can attend the event along with a supporter. People who are keen on drawing or designing can attend the workshop on 7th, 14th and 21st March at the Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham.

There are more variety of workshops like screen printing with heat transfer foils and dyes, vintage and retro screen printing, textile surface decoration, screen printing and machine embroidery events happening in the city of Birmingham this year at the Midlands Art Centre.

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