Epson Stylus DX4400 Ink Cartridges

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Epson Stylus DX4400 Ink Cartridges

Epson Stylus DX4400 Review

Epson Stylus DX4400 is a multifunction inkjet printer offering an easy-to-operate interface with printing, scanning, and copying at a highly affordable price. This conventional-looking machine allows you to connect to your home PC and use it for a wide range of applications including school projects, photos, and web printing.


  • Max Printing Resolution – 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • Max Scanning Resolution – 600 x 1,200 dpi (Horizontal x Vertical)
  • Dimensions – 452‎ x 347 x 203 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • Weight – 5 kg
  • Max Paper Size – A4
  • Input Tray Capacity – 80 sheets
  • Max Colour Print Speed – upto 13 ppm
  • Max Black and White Print Speed – upto 25 ppm
  • Borderless Printing – Yes
  • Ink Cartridge Configuration – 4 separate ink tanks for 4 colour Epson Stylus DX4400 Ink Cartridges
  • Interface – USB 2.0
  • Operating System Support – MS Windows XP, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows ME, MS Windows 98, Apple Mac OS X 10.2, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows XP 64-bit Edition


Considering the all-in-one features and the simplicity Epson Stylus DX4400 offers, the price-performance ratio of the machine is outstanding. The control panel of the device is extremely easy-to-use with five control buttons and three small LED indicators. Also, the initial setup and the software installation is easy compared to other all-in-ones. Though it is an inkjet device the Epson Stylus DX4400 ink cartridges are run by a piezoelectric print head that adds to speedy printing operations without affecting the print quality.


The printer lacks an LCD monitor screen that helps to preview photos. It does not support photo printing directly from a digital camera as a memory card reader and PictBridge socket is absent.

What are the Cartridge Requirements for Epson Stylus DX4400 Printer?

The requirements for Epson Stylus DX4400 ink cartridges include:

T0715 ink cartridges are also compatible with other printer models like Epson Stylus SX105, Epson Stylus Office BX300f, Epson Stylus DX8400 printers. Few more printer models can be found here.


Although Epson Stylus DX4400 lacks some features, it is hard to get a cost-effective all-in-one machine at such a great price. The features it lacks can actually be neglected if users look for a machine that offers good quality printing, scanning, and copying with simplicity. With all the offerings considered, the machine serves as an ideal choice for a family or even a small office.


How can I diagnose the print issue of Epson Stylus DX4400 printer?

Printing problems are so common and can be solved by just following few instructions. If the printer stops working and the lights are not flashing properly, use the following recommendations to diagnose the problem:

  1. When Paper is out or no paper is loaded
    Preload the paper into the sheet feeder, and then press one of the start buttons. The printer will resume printing and the light goes out.
  2. When paper got jammed
    If paper got jammed in the printer, check the online instructions for solving the issue related to paper jam.
  3. When Ink got expended
    When the ink cartridge got expended, replace the Epson Stylus DX4400 ink cartridges with the new ones. If the light is still on once you have replaced the cartridges, it might be possible that they are not installed correctly. Reinstall the ink cartridges until it that it clicks into place and then test again. Always replace the incompatible cartridge on time with an appropriate ink cartridge to get the better print results.
  4. When the Epson Stylus DX4400 ink cartridges are Incorrectly installed
    An ink cartridge is not installed correctly, the output will not be appropriate. Reinsert the ink cartridges and check the results.
  5. Ink low
    This message generates when the ink cartridge is nearly expended. Check for the replacement option. To determine which cartridge is nearly expended, check the status of your cartridge to determine the issue. You can only replace the cartridges that are expended and no need to replace all the Epson Stylus DX4400 ink cartridges even if only one has expended.
  6. Waste ink pad service life ended
    If the waste ink pad in the printer is saturated, you can contact your dealer to replace it.
  7. Problem with the printer
    There is a problem with the printer. Turn the printer off and then back on again after some time. If the error does not clear, contact your local authorized service center or contact Epson for a help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is T0715 ink cartridges compatible with other Epson Printer? If yes, then please provide the name of them. Thanks.
Yes, T0715 ink cartridges is compatible with other Epson Stylus Printer. Click here to explore the list of the printers compatible with T0715 ink cartridges.

Q. Do the compatible Epson Stylus DX4400 ink cartridges dry up or leak, if not frequently used or are left open?
Yes, any cartridge that is not used frequently would automatically dry up. It is advisable to at least use the printer ink cartridge once every month to ensure the faultless working of the printer.

Q. Does the Epson Stylus DX4400 printer support different media types and media sizes?
Unfortunately the printer does not support different media types and media sizes. The printer can print on plain paper only and supports A4 media size.

Q. Is the print speed for black/white and coloured prints same for Epson Stylus DX4400 printer?
No, the print speed is different. The printer produces black/white prints at the speed of upto 25 pages per minute and coloured prints at the speed of 12 pages per minute.

Q. I have recently purchased Epson Stylus DX4400 ink cartridge from your site and I’m unable to install them. What should I do now? Please help.
In case, you are unable to install any ink cartridge, you can refer to the online instruction manual for the installation process of Epson Stylus DX4400 ink cartridge. You can also ask for help at 028 308 33221 or even contact us by email at .

Q. What will be the shipping cost if I purchase the multipack of Epson Stylus DX4400 Ink cartridges from your site?
Our shipping charges start at €1.99 inc. VAT. It may vary according to the weight of the product.

Q. Does this printer support borderless printing?
Yes, Epson Stylus Dx400 printer supports borderless printing.

Q. I have just opened the new Epson Stylus DX4400 ink cartridge that I will be installing in my Epson Stylus printer. There are guard tapes and packaging all over on the ink cartridge. Is it ok to install the ink cartridge as it is or I should remove them?
You must remove all the tapes and packaging you see on the ink cartridge or the toner cartridge before you install them. Make sure that no tape remain on the cartridge and go inside the printer.

Q. How do I replace my old ink cartridges with compatible Epson Stylus DX4400 Ink cartridges?
To replace ink cartridges, please refer to the printer manual. If in case you have lost your manual, you can follow the link for instructions:

Q. Does ink is consumed during print head cleaning or after installing ink cartridges?
Yes, little amount of ink is consumed during print head cleaning and when ink cartridges are installed.

Q. Hi, I am a fashion designer. I want attractive prints for my designs. Is this printer suitable for scanning and printing both?
This all-in-one printer support printing, scanning, and copying of the document. You can surely prefer this printer over any other printer. With colour restoration feature in Epson Scan, you can even enhance your printouts.

Q. I have ordered ink cartridges on Wednesday. Will I receive my order of Epson Stylus DX4400 Ink cartridges by Friday?
Yes, we will deliver your order on or before Friday. To know about your order status or for fast delivery you can click here. Or contact us on 028 308 33221.

Q. Can I have my printout from the laptop (not connected with the printer) or mobile device?
Sorry, this printer does not support wireless printing.

Q. Is the ink cartridges of this printer compatible with Stylus DX4450 printer?
Yes, you can use the ink cartridges of this printer with the Epson Stylus Dx4450 printer. It will not affect your printing quality.