Epson Stylus DX7450 Ink Cartridges

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Epson Stylus DX7450 Ink Cartridges

Epson Stylus DX7450 Review

Epson Stylus DX7450 is an inkjet all-in-one that offers comprehensive printing and scanning solutions without depending on PC. it serves home and small office users with quality, flexibility, and affordability.


  • Max Printing Resolution – 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • Max Scanning Resolution – 1,200 x 2,400 dpi (Horizontal x Vertical)
  • Dimensions – 450‎ x 340 x 179 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • Weight – 6 kg
  • Max Paper Size – A4
  • Max Colour Print Speed – 32 ppm
  • Max Black and White Print Speed – 32 ppm
  • Borderless Printing – Yes
  • Ink Cartridge Configuration – 4 separate ink tanks for 4 colour Epson Stylus DX7450 Ink Cartridges
  • Interface – USB 2.0
  • Operating Systems Compatible – Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS 10.3+


The printer is well-recognized for its excellent printing speeds both for documents and photos. Additionally, the scanning function is very easy to use. The machine enables direct photo printing from the digital camera through memory card reader or PictBridge port – allowing to print photos easily without a PC.


The all-in-one is devoid of auto duplexing feature which is considered an important function for busy office environments. Though Epson Stylus DX7450 ink cartridges have different compartments for easy installation, the printer uses up more ink than expected.

What are the Cartridge Requirements for Epson Stylus DX7450 Printer?

The ink cartridge requirements for Epson Stylus DX7450 include:

T0715 ink cartridges are also compatible with other printer models like Epson Stylus SX200, Epson Stylus Office BX300F, Epson Stylus DX6000 printers. Few more printer models can be found here.


Epson Stylus DX7450 features a perfect Epson technology for printing, scanning, and photocopying. The outstanding text, as well as photo printing speed, make the printer an ideal choice for those who need to print all the time. Though it uses up more Epson Stylus DX7450 ink cartridges, use of compatible versions of the consumables can easily make the all-in-one a cost-effective deal. With a comprehensive list of features for printing photos and doing much beyond that, it serves as a perfect choice for home office and small office users.


What should I do if an ink error is indicated once I replace the Epson Stylus DX7450 ink cartridges?

If you are still getting the error related to ink, try the following:

  1. Make sure the ink cartridge holder is placed at the ink cartridge replacement position.
    Note: Check if the ink cartridge holder is placed at the far right position, try to move it down to the ink cartridge replacement position. Press the on the stop button and try again later.
  2. Remove and reinsert the Epson Stylus DX7450 ink cartridges and then continue with the ink cartridge installation. Installing the new ink cartridges might help in resolving the issue. Click here to get the new one

If you still notice a problem while printing the documents and replacement of the Epson Stylus DX7450 ink cartridges also does not help, then you will have to contact the customer care for further instructions.

What should I do if the scanner does not scan?

If your scanner does not scan, there might be some issue. Try the following, if it helps in resolving the issue:

  • You must wait until the ON light stops flashing and remains lit to indicate that the scanner is ready to scan.
  • The scanner might not be working properly when connected to the computer through more than one hub. Connect the scanner directly to the computer’s USB port or through a single hub.
  • The scanner does not work properly when your computer is in the standby mode (for Windows) or in the sleep mode (for Mac OS X). Restart the Epson scan and try scanning again.
  • It might be possible that the scanner is not working properly if you upgrade your operating system but not the Epson Scan. Check the online instruction manual for uninstalling your scanning software.
  • For the Mac OS X Classic mode users, it might be possible that the scanner is not working properly. Use the Mac OS X interface instead.
  • If you still face problem while scanning the documents, Check the online user guide for detailed instructions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Hi, in the past I’ve tried cheaper cartridges for my Epson Stylus DX7450 but the print quality was very poor. How can I be sure that the compatible cartridges will provide me good quality printouts?
    Our compatible Epson DX7450 ink cartridges are manufactured to ISO standard and are FSC tested. They are specifically designed to replace the original ink cartridges without degradation in performance or print quality. If in case you are not satisfied with the print result, we offer you 30 days money back guarantee.

    Q. I am planning to start a business from home. Will this printer suitable for printing my designs?
    This Epson printer is suitable for printing high-quality pictures. You can rely on this easy-to-use, all in one printer.

    Q. Will you be able to deliver my Epson DX7450 ink cartridges order in Ireland, within 3 working days?
    Yes, sure we will deliver your ink cartridges order in 1-2 days. For fast delivery services, you can call on 028 308 33221.

    Q. I received my ink cartridges order on time. But I just found that the ink cartridge is damaged. What should I do now?
    We are sorry for the trouble. You can return or replace your order. For this, you can contact us at 028 308 33221 or email us at Make sure you are ready with your invoice number details.

    Q. Does this printer support wireless printing?
    Sorry, this printer does not support wireless printing. But it can print easily from memory card.

    Q. I am unable to order printer from your site. Please help.
    Sorry, we only supply ink cartridges and papers on our site. To get one please visit here.

    Q. Do I need to purchase all the 4 Epson DX7450 ink cartridges, even if the black ink cartridge is exhausted?
    Absolutely not. You can purchase the ink cartridges separately.

    Q. 4 days before, I had placed the order of Epson Stylus DX7450 ink cartridges. But, have not received the cartridges yet. How can I track my order?
    Sorry for the trouble. Follow the link to track your order: For further support, you can contact our friendly customer support team.

    Q. I have recently installed ink cartridges in my Epson printer. But I am not satisfied with the print quality. Can I return the product?
    Yes, you can return the ink cartridges. But before that, you can perform the printhead cleaning task. As the print quality can be affected due to the clogged nozzle.

    Q. Is the promo code D10 available after any minimum amount? Or I can use this code on any purchase.
    You can use this code on any purchase during your checkout process.

    Q. The single pack of the black Epson Stylus DX7450 ink cartridges at your site are out of stock. How can I check the availability status?
    Sorry for the inconvenience. It might be possible that some of the ink cartridges get out of stock at our site. To check the availability status, you can contact us on 028 308 33221 or email us at

    Q. I purchased colour Epson Stylus DX7450 ink cartridges from your site. I was satisfied with the print result. Can I place the bulk order for my digital studio?
    Thank you for your words. You can definitely place the bulk order from our website. We assure you with the best price for the cartridges.

    Q. Using this printer, is it possible to perform the scan, copy and fax functions?
    You can perform the scan, copy operation. But fax functionality is not supported by this printer.