Epson Stylus DX8400 Ink Cartridges

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Epson Stylus DX8400 Ink Cartridges

Epson Stylus DX8400 Review

Those who look for a printing machine that can offer decent multipurpose functions at a fair price, Epson Stylus DX8400 is for them. The all-in-one is designed to meet home office and small office requirements with a footprint slightly greater than the single-function printers.


  • Display – Colour, LCD, 2.5 inches
  • Max Printing Resolution – 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • Dimensions – 17.7 inches width, 13.4 inches depth, 7 inches height
  • Weight – 13.3 lbs
  • Max Paper Size – A4
  • Input Tray Capacity – 120 sheets
  • Max Colour Print Speed – upto 32 ppm
  • Max Black and White Print Speed – 32 ppm
  • Borderless Printing – Yes
  • Memory Card Slot – Yes
  • Ink Cartridge Configuration – 4 separate ink tanks for 4 colour Epson Stylus DX8400 Ink Cartridges


Epson Stylus DX8400 printer gives an opportunity to print excellent quality texts at a low price without the need to connect to a PC. In terms of the photo quality, it competes well with the laser printers, providing smudge-free, waterproof and glossy looking photos. Additionally, the colour display with easy-to-operate onboard controls adds to the excitement of printing high-quality pictures – along with decent scanning and copying functions. Also, it provides a flexible option to print directly from a digital camera either via the integrated memory card slot or the PictBridge function. The 4 different ink tanks for 4 colour Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridges allow you to replace every cartridge individually.


The printer offers manual duplexing instead of automatic duplexing function. It does not support wireless connectivity or WiFi.

What are the Cartridge Requirements for Epson Stylus DX8400 Printer?

The requirements for Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridges include:

T0715 ink cartridges are also compatible with other printer models like Epson Stylus SX100, Epson Stylus DX4400, Epson Stylus SX218 printers. Few more printers can be found here.


Epson Stylus DX8400 plays a versatile role while offering decent quality scanning and the copying function. But the excellent printing quality for texts and the promise to provide smudge-free professional looking photos wins the first place – along with colour display that helps prevent print wastage with preselection of images – making it a cost-effective deal. The printer goes well with the expectations of small office and home users.


What should I do if the Epson Stylus DX8400 does not attempt to print?

If you are facing such kind of problem, firstly check that your printer is working correctly and the Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridges installed are not dried or run out of ink. Follow the steps below to identify the exact issue.

  1. Check for the proper power supply
  2. Examine if there are any error messages on the control panel, or on LCD screen
  3. Perform a printer operation check. Checkout if the printer fails to print, printing is slow, or Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridges are not installed correctly. Also, make sure that you are using plain A4 size paper into the sheet feeder
  4. Check that the connections are established correctly between the printer and computer
  5. Check that minimum length data cable is used for a connection. If the problem is still present, try using the different cable. If the issue still remains, try using a different interface to connect the printer, like switching between parallel port to the USB port and vice versa
  6. Ensure that your system meets the printer’s minimum requirements
  7. Check if the Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridges are installed in the correct cartridge slots. Sometimes not installing the cartridges correctly give you blank results
  8. Make use of the status monitor to check the printer status
  9. Open the device manager to check if your system provides sufficient support for the printer’s interface
  10. Look that the printer must be set as default in the printers folder
  11. Check the print queue. If the documents are not printed, it may be possible that the printer is paused, offline, or the documents are stuck in the print queue. Having documents stuck could cause incorrect or distorted print results
  12. Check the correct port is selected for printing. If the correct port and driver are in use and the printer appears ready to print, test this by printing a test page from the printer properties
  13. Make sure that you have used correct printer driver for the operating system
  14. Disable all other programs running in the background to help identify if there is a software conflict.
  15. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer drivers and restore the driver to the default settings

If the printer still does not work, even after the subsequent attempts, then you must contact Epson support or take your printer to the closest centre for testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I prefer compatible Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridges available at your site, instead of original ink cartridges available in the market or at any other site?
Please consider the points mentioned below:

  • The compatible ink cartridges available at our site are factory tested to the same ISO standard as the original ones.
  • These cartridges produce good quality results and in case, any fault occurs, our products come with a money back guarantee and replacement guarantee.
  • Also, your personal information obtained during the transaction for Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridges or any other item purchased at our site will be protected and secured & we assure no third party will have the access to it.

Q. The yellow coloured Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridge for my Epson printer is empty. Do I need to replace the whole cartridge or I can replace them individually?
The Epson Stylus DX8400 printer includes four different ink tanks for 4 different ink cartridges, which allow you to replace each cartridge separately.

Q. I have purchased a multipack for Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridges from your site and need help with the installation process even at a later date and not instantly. Would you provide the necessary support? Thank You.
Yes, you can contact us anytime with any concern related to your purchase. We’ll be glad to help you out. You just need to be ready with the product details and provide the relevant details to help us serve you more satisfactory. You can ask for help on 048 30833221 or email us on .

Q. Which operating systems does the Epson Stylus DX8400 printer support?
The following operating systems are supported by this printer: Apple Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows 98 SE, MS Windows ME, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows XP and MS Windows XP 64-bit Edition.

Q. What is the reason behind “no print” on the paper while printing from Epson Stylus DX8400 printer?
If there is no ink on the paper, then it can be due to improper installation of ink cartridges by you. Or it can be due to the presence of dust particles between the contact points. Clean the printhead nozzle using earbud and reinstall your Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridges.

Q. Why do I generally face partial printing problem in this printer?
This problem arises due to incorrect positioning of the paper edge guide. It should be positioned against the side of the paper to enable the printer to function correctly.

Q. Each time I print, I receive an inverted image. How can I resolve this issue?
The inverted image problem can be resolved by turning off the “mirror image setting” in your printer driver window.

Q. Is it possible to increase print speed in Epson Stylus printer?
If you are a window user, then of course, you can increase your printing speed. From the control panel, click devices and printers. Select your printer model and open maintenance window. Click speed. A dialogue box will appear, click on the checkbox of “high-speed copies” and then press OK.

Q. My black ink has run out, but ink level in other cartridges is not affected much. Now, what should I do?
You can replace the empty ink cartridges with compatible Epson T0711 ink cartridges (Black ink cartridges). We offer multiple packs as well as individual ink cartridge at our store.

Q. Are Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridges expensive?
The original Epson Stylus DX8400 ink cartridges can be a bit costly. But you can always opt for compatible ink cartridges. They are cheaper and provide the same print quality than the original ones.