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Welcome To The Print And Ink Events In Edinburgh – Be A Part Of The Thriving Cultural Legacy

A place of glorious history, strikingly beautiful Georgian and Victorian architecture, dynamic culture and a highly qualified population. That’s Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and the heart of Scottish culture.

Edinburgh concentrates beautiful art galleries, museums, and other famous tourist attractions within a walkable distance. Also known as the ‘walkable city’, Edinburgh has its name listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today, Edinburgh is a major learning centre, highly recognised for its sophisticated educational system, research, scientific and medical skills. The workforce in the city is ranked among the most educated in the UK, with more than 55% having a degree level qualification. Owing to such a unique blend of culture, architecture, education, and skills, the city is seen as one of the most prosperous places in the UK. More evidently, it has one of the most rapidly thriving, highly qualified and productive populations in the nation. These qualities of the city are attracting well-established companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups to Edinburgh. Well beyond that, the wealth of career, learning and cultural opportunities attract millions of people from all over the world.

The economy of Edinburgh is dynamically backed by financial services, technology and software, tourism, retail and creative industries. Thanks to the tech-driven era of 21st-century, companies like the online suppliers of printer inks in Edinburgh have got the opportunity to serve Edinburgh with the expertise that’s sought after.

The past decade brought for the city an economic growth of 12.2%, most of it coming from the working age population. And by 2021, the working age population is predicted to reach an incredible 68.5%. Between 2016 and 2017, the employment rate of the city was recorded to be 72.8% – more than the average rate of UK i.e. 68.1% (comparing the major cities). Furthermore, the GVA of the city is second highest among the major cities of UK with the average being £37,000 per resident (2015). What’s more, the new business survival rate in Edinburgh is 3rd highest in the nation.

But, there is one more thing about Edinburgh which is impossible to ignore. The rich culture of the city is incomplete without the grand festivals that are organised each year. Year-round entertaining events, art exhibitions, fun-filled activities, knowledge gathering workshops, bring a relatively small city of Edinburgh to the world stage. The festivals mark one of the biggest events across the globe, with 2.3 million tickets sold for 50,000 events in 2015. A 2016 study revealed that Edinburgh’s major festivals contributed £280 million to its economy.

Even this year Edinburgh art events and festivals are a must-visit destination. Some of the art events have been listed here so that you can count on them to make 2018 more memorable. From the traditional paintings to the modern printer ink photography of Edinburgh, all are waiting to inspire visitors not just from the city or the UK, but the whole world.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Wildlife photography is that field of modern art that attracts everyone and anyone with diverse likes. It is one the most awaited events of Photography in Edinburgh and the UK. This year the iconic international event has come back to Edinburgh on a grand scale.

For more than 50 years, Wildlife Photographer of the Year has been showcasing the best in class nature photography in an attractive and dramatic way. For the first time launched in 1965 with 361 entries, today in its 53rd year, the event receives about 50,000 entries from professional as well as amateur artists from 92 countries. The best photography is selected and exhibited in one of the largest galleries.

The globally acclaimed exhibition features an exclusive collection of photographs that are displayed in large-format, backlit panels that make your experience more intense.

As you enter the exhibition space the enchanting natural world and the wildernesses captured in photographs will give you a breath-taking experience. From the fascinating animal behaviours to the awe-inspiring wild landscapes everything together will be presenting the incredible diversity and the beauty of nature. As you walk through the gallery you will come to know how the photographers captured their award-winning images. You will have the chance to see some of the most surprising and challenging sights of wildlife.

The exhibition is already on from 19th January and will continue to welcome wildlife photography admirers until 29th April 2018.

The Art Of Portrait Photography

This is not an exhibition but a workshop that will inspire you with the unrivalled art of portrait photography. The half-day workshop with photographer Jannica Honey will give you an opportunity to understand what is a portrait and how to go about creating a good portrait.

Participants will have technical and inspirational exercises with Jannica while she shares some of the most significant aspects of the art of portrait making. The workshop will enable you to feel the difference between studio lights and ambient light sources and produce a genuine portrait.

If you wish to be a part of this exclusive art of portrait making on 28th April at the Arienas Collective bring along your camera with you. Other materials will be provided by the workshop.

Introduction To Lino PrintingShop Online Brother Compatible Ink Cartridges in UK

If you are not a fan of portrait photography the art of lino printing might grab your attention. The Arienas Collective is organising lino printing workshop for beginners who would love to learn the basic skills of creating beautiful prints.

The introductory session to lino printing with artist Suzanne Kemplay will take you on a tour of creating simple yet stunning images from which you will be producing an original set of greeting cards. What’s more exciting about this workshop is that it will give you the confidence to create beautiful artwork in a fun-filled and friendly atmosphere. By the end of the day, you will know how to produce beautiful prints at home without the need for expensive equipment.

All the more, you will be taking home a framed copy of your original design along with a set of 10 postcard-size greeting cards provided with envelopes. All the required materials, equipment and refreshment will be given by the workshop. The workshop will be conducted on 25th April, 23rd May and 2nd June.

Introduction To Speed-sketching

If you admire the art of speed-sketching then this is your chance to learn the art from the local talent Mark Kirkham also known as Edinburgh Sketcher. The event is a full day workshop that focuses on the basic skills of speed-sketching.

Engross yourself in the beautiful city landscape of Edinburgh, explore the intricacies and the loftiness of the historic architecture and other heritage sites with the artist. Inspire your artwork as you explore Edinburgh’s Portrait Gallery, New Town with a sketch in hand. By the end of the session, you will be able to take your artwork in a frame back home along with other personal pieces that mark your journey and efforts made throughout the day.

Mark, who will accompany you on this artistic journey will give you detailed instructions on how to quickly pick up sketching skills that will build your confidence to bring out your inner talent. One-to-one guidance and tips will be provided by the artist as you start the journey of producing your favourite sketch. Moreover, the workshop will also encourage collaboration between participants so as to share ideas. Any support or answers to certain queries related to the art you may be looking for will be taken care by the artist.

The workshop will be conducted on 27th April, 22nd June and 28th September 2018 at the Arienas Collective in the Edinburgh New Town.

Edinburgh International Exhibition of Printer Ink Photography

The exhibition of Printer Ink Photography in Edinburgh is one of the most anticipated events for the photographers as well as the photography enthusiasts. The event holds a highly dignified international status attracting more than 3000 photographers from all around the world to participate and showcase their skills. The exhibition has become a traditional event as it has been in existence for more than 150 years and over the time has developed a strong reputation.

Out of 3000 entries, only about 202 prints are selected for the display. So, having a photographic print selected is a high achievement greatly desired by the participants. After the selection, the Royal Society of Photography puts the selected prints on display during the grand Edinburgh Festivals taking place in the month of August. Also, the accepted prints appear in the catalogue which has had FIAP 4 star rating since 2013.

International Festival Fringe 2018 – Visual Art

The world’s largest festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe came into existence as an unofficial fringe event to the Edinburgh International Festival in 1947. The uniqueness of the festival is that it allows anyone to participate with any kind of artistic talent. This and other major festivals are reshaping the culture and global identity of the city making it one of the most-loved tourist destinations of the world.

This year the event will run from 3rd August to 27th August 2018. Two of the rare visual arts events that are part of the festival fringe are highlighted below.

Exhibition: Floral Art for the Feast Day of St Mary

The art of flower arranging is a beautiful yet neglected art. On the occasion of Feast Day of Mary the Mother of Jesus, groups of people from churches across Edinburgh will come together to display floral artwork that reflects the events in the life of the Virgin Mary. Along with displays will be the context of recorded music that has been composed over several centuries in celebration of Mary. Visitors are welcomed to be a part of this celebration with zero entry fee.

The event is prepared to be held on 15th August 2018 at the St Vincent’s church, Edinburgh.

Exhibition: The Art of the Icon

Another event from the International Festival Fringe is the exhibition of the Art of the Icon. In 2013, the Edinburgh School of Icon Painting was founded under its Director Basia Mindewicz. Since then the school has been exhibiting various icons in Edinburgh.

This year, Basia Mindewicz and Anna Makac will showcase the ions in the North Transept of St Vincent’s Church. The 6-day event will run from 13th August to 18th August 2018. There is no entry fee for the exhibition.

Bruce Percy – Colour Chrome

Bruce Percy will be exhibiting his colourful art collection with the theme Colour Chrome. The event is a solo exhibition showcasing the talent of the artist at one of the known galleries of Edinburgh.

Visitors will have an opportunity to meet the artist and explore a unique collection of prints and books. This is not it. You can even take home the print or book that catches your attention with on-site payment facility available. You can avail matted, signed and un-framed at the exhibition.

The event that was going to happen this year has been rescheduled to run from July 5th to 25th next year in 2019 at the Whitespace Gallery.

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