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Leeds Printer Inks Industry Commemorates The Rich Culture Of The City

The culture of a city evolves with time. And what makes a culture unique is its history, its location and most importantly its people. Leeds, the largest city of Yorkshire in the UK, is one such city that has a rich culture spanning back hundreds of years. The landmark historical sites, a diverse population of people with the integration of ethnicities and 170 languages spoken are woven into the culture of Leeds.

Being a compact market town in the 16th century, Leeds flourished and absorbed the surrounding villages to evolve into a dense urban center by the 20th century. By then it had developed into a major mill center with wool leading the space. Following the trend in the 1900s, engineering, manufacturing of chemicals and clothing and the Leeds printer inks (printing) industry became the important industry players.

Today in the 21st-century, Leed is recognised as the heart of Yorkshire’s contemporary culture with significant contributions in art, architecture, music, sports, film and television. It is also recognised as the financial and commercial heart of the West Yorkshire.

The present-day economy of the city weaves a new thread of innovation and diversity into its culture. Leeds is the most diverse employment hub of the UK witnessing the fastest growth in the private sector with 77% of its workforce employed in the private sector.

As per recent estimations, the economy of the city is worth 21.3 billion per annum reflecting nearly third of the Leeds City Region’s economic output. In the last decade, Leeds has seen a 34% economic growth. And over the next decade, the economy is predicted to boost by 21% with financial and business services ready to contribute more than half of the GVA growth.

The digital and creative sector is also forecast to enhance the GVA growth. The city owns 1,350 digital companies with a combined workforce of 10,000 (approx.) – the number of companies is highest outside the South East. The printer ink Leeds suppliers are one among the digital market players.

Having commemorated the milestones achieved by Leeds, it is time we move onto celebrate the exclusive art culture of the city. The 2018 art exhibitions and workshops in the city have come in to weave new threads of excitement, knowledge, innovation and relationships into its culture. Some of the most significant art events are listed here. We hope that you will find an inspiration here!

1. Leeds Art Gallery Exhibitions – 2018

Leeds is widely known for its contributions to the art community. It is the birthplace of some of the world’s most celebrated artists like Henry Moore and Damien Hirst. The city is home to magnificent art galleries amongst which the Leeds Art Gallery stands as one of the oldest monuments of the city, established in 1888. The Leeds Art Gallery is located on the Headrow in the heart of the city. Adjacent to it is the Henry Moore Institute which along with the Leeds Art Gallery puts up great art exhibitions and events throughout the year. The gallery functions under the Leeds City Council and is free to visit for its members and the public.

In 2018 as well, the Leeds Art Gallery will be showcasing miscellaneous art events including the artistic legacy of the 1700s to the modern day printer ink Leeds craftsmanship. You will find a wide range of masterpieces to admire and take home. A lot of events happening throughout the year attract thousands of people to relish the beautiful culture of England and in particular the Leeds.

2. Leeds Print Fair 2018 – SummerShop Online HP Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges in UK

Leeds Print Fair was first held in 2013, and since then it has become a must-to-do event for the Leeds cultural calendar. The fair takes the opportunity to bring the local artists and the print lovers together making it a platform that revives old art in the modern era. More specifically, the event that is conducted by Yorkshire Printmaking promotes the local talent that showcases the use of traditional methods to create professional quality hand-made prints.

Besides all, the event also provides stalls for artists to set their exclusive collection on display and sale. Entry being totally free, visitors are welcome to browse through the variety of art collections and bring their most eye-catching artwork home.

This years event will be displaying and selling different artwork from 30 printmaking artists. The Leeds Print Fair 2018 – Summer will put up the event at Holy Trinity Church on 9th June 2018 from 10 am to 5 pm.

3. Leeds Printing Workshop

Popular among the print lovers, Leeds Printing Workshop is a membership-based printmaking studio that offers workshops that are available to all. It provides a platform to those who are interested in learning a different type of printmaking art. Even more, the studio provides an affordable and accessible workshop space, printmaking materials and facilities to its members.

This year the Leeds printer inks studio will be conducting a dozen of printmaking workshops. We have picked up a few of them from various categories.

1. Heat Transfer Textile Printing

Take this opportunity to explore and experiment your own talent of creating textile designs using heat transfer printing technique. This workshop is both for beginners as well as those who have a prior experience of textile printing. The one-day workshop gives a platform to print lovers to develop their skills, gain tutor advice and create their artwork in a friendly learning atmosphere.

The participants will be shown how disperse dyes and transfer papers can be applied to the fabric using heat press. A wide range of textile prints can be produced using different types of methods to create surface imagery. The participants will be familiarised with the use of hand-cut stencils and hand painted imagery.

Basic materials like disperse inks, transfer papers, newsprint paper, brushes, sponges and more will be provided by the studio. The workshop will be conducted on 14th April 2018 at the studio. Read more »

2. Screen Printing for Paper – 5 Week Course

This screen printing course organised by Leeds Printing Workshop will give an opportunity to those who want to establish themselves into confident screen printers. It is a 5 week introductory course in which the tutor will provide a detailed guidance and introduce the participants to relevant contextual artists and screen printing terminology.

During the 5 week session, you will learn screen printing with the application of a variety of colours and learn how to layer your designs. You will also learn different stencil making techniques and how to coat and expose screens.

Ink colours, photosensitive emulsion and the necessary equipment will be provided at the workshop. The learning sessions will commence on 18th April 2018 and conclude on 16th May 2018. Read more »

3. Monoprint

The Monoprint is a unique print work that is created using multiple layers of oil-based ink, a plate and stencil process. If you are beginner you can start creating monoprints using simple shapes and block colours. And you will learn how beautifully the simple shapes can be transformed into complex designs, textures and shades giving your print work a touch of creativity.

Monoprinting is a fabulous way to introduce yourself to the world of printmaking while understanding the creative use of inks, paper and etching press. Printmakers who have already practiced and learned the techniques of monoprint are also welcome to attend the workshop.

Materials like inks, rollers, plastic monoprint plates, papers, tools and necessary equipment will be provided by the Workshop. The one-day workshop will be held on 31st May 2018. Read more »

4. Lino Printing – Workshop

If you wish to learn and explore the basic art of Lino printing or simply printmaking, this workshop is for you. It is a one-day course suitable for absolute beginners. But even those with a good amount of knowledge about printmaking can participate in the event creating their own level of artwork.

The participants will be taught the basic art of how to safely cut and carve an image or pattern from the lino using tailor-made cutting tools. The lino used will be softer and easy to cut making the technique of carving the images much easier. This will be followed by next step where learners will be shown how to apply ink on Lino and print it using Albion press and other simple yet effective methods that can be continued at home without a press.

Including everything, participants will get an opportunity to learn and explore the use of inks, papers, rollers and other different types of printmaking such as hand techniques and press techniques. All the basic materials like two pieces A5 soft cut lino, cartridge papers and oil-based inks with a variety of colours will be provided to every participant.

The knowledge-gathering event will be held at the Leeds Printmaking Workshop studio on 8 July 2018. Read more »

4. Liz Somerville – Solo Print Exhibition

Liz Somerville is a passionate printmaker who has a long-time experience in creating linocut prints. After having experimented with a wide variety of printmaking techniques, relief printing, linocuts and woodcuts combined with painted blocks of colours proved out to be the most satisfactory technique for her.

Walking is the most significant part of her work and life. She produces most of her print work in winters by observing through the landscapes (the central theme of her work) and taking its memory, sketches and photos back home to produce a unique linocut screen print of her taste.

So, here is Liz Somerville’s solo print exhibition ready to attract the print admirers from 3rd March to 23rd June 2018 at the Craft Centre and Design Gallery, Leeds,

5. Katsutoshi Yuasa – Trace of Time in Thought

Katsutoshi Yuasa is a Tokyo-based artist who creates woodcut prints known as Mokuhanga – the oldest printmaking technique of Japan. His work that is produced using traditional tools leaves a mesmerising and haunting effect on the observer. His woodcut prints are different from the conventional ones, as he uses photography and digital technology to nurture hand carving process before printing.

Going forward, the Northern Print Studio in Leeds is presenting Yuasa’s unique print work from 14th March to 28th April 2018.

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