Celebrate With Prints And Inks At The Beautiful Art Festivals In Liverpool

It is 2018! It all looks like a festival in the city of Liverpool. And why not? The city is celebrating the tenth year after it was crowned as the European Capital of Culture in 2008. All year round, the city has prepared to put up a great show. Art exhibitions, musical concerts, theatrical performance, printer ink innovation events and much more will be the centre of attraction in Liverpool this year.

The cultural contributions of Liverpool have been tremendous since centuries. Notably, the city takes the pride in having the highest number of art galleries and national museums than any other city in the UK, except London.

Owing to its cultural heritage and the development in retail, tourism and commercial sector, Liverpool stands as the second fastest growing economy after London. The current economy of the city is worth over 121 billion pounds. The city is witnessing a 15% year after year economic growth as it is moving ahead with its development schemes to improve the local region.

Over the past few years, Liverpool has seen over 4.5 billion pounds of investment. Thanks to its constant progress in the commercial sector, leisure and technological innovation, the city is bringing in greater economic stability and more number of jobs for people. The Liverpool printer ink industry is also contributing efficiently towards economy and employment both.

Having talked about the achievements of Liverpool, it is truly the time to rejoice with the year-long exhibitions and shows happening in the city. So, let us have a glance at the awe-inspiring events.

Liverpool 2018

As we read, Liverpool is celebrating ten years of being the Cultural Capital of Europe. The Liverpool 2018 big show is just the destination for you to spend a day out with your family and friends and cherish your city’s accomplishments. But why just a day out? This show is going to run all year round for 365 days. So you have an entire year and a big reason, to celebrate with your city, in your city.

Artists and performers from around the globe along with the local talent will bring together 40 events and festivals adding to the grandeur of Liverpool. The main focus of the events will be placing culture and creativity at the heart of all aspects of the city. The printer ink Liverpool industry will also contribute towards the growing innovation and technology in the city in the form of exhibitions and shows. Most of the events during Liverpool 2018 will be free. We are sure this event is going to be a huge hit!

The events discussed further are all a part of the Liverpool 2018.

Bluecoat – The Centre For Contemporary Art And Culture

Bluecoat is one of the oldest cultural buildings in Liverpool city centre. The heritage site owns four magnificent art galleries where every year different group of artists and businesses run programmes for local communities. Bluecoat is the centre of contemporary arts with a full range of cultural events including visual arts, music, live art, dance and literature attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Currently, Bluecoat houses more than 30 creative industries including graphic designers, artists, craftspeople, small art organisations, retailers and printer ink industry of Liverpool. Bluecoat Display Centre, an integral part of Bluecoat is known for best selling in UK craft. It celebrated its 50th anniversary back in 2009. But as a whole, Bluecoat celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2017 with a theme called My Bluecoat.

Now in 2018, Bluecoat is organising a plethora of cultural events. Two of the noteworthy events from the Liverpool printer ink world are discussed below.

Intro To Screenprint

As the name indicates, the intro to screenprint is a workshop organised with an aim to familiarise the enthusiastic participants with the art of two-layer print. The creative workshop will be held at the screenprint studio where participants will be given an opportunity to design their own image using a squeegee and creating final prints. The skilled artists will show how a screen can be coated and exposed using specialist equipment.

The workshop invites beginners and print learners to attend the event to brush up their artistic skills so that they can come later and hire the Bluecoat facilities. Going further, they even offer an intermediate class to develop their skills to a higher level.

The screenprint workshop started on 13th January 2018 and will run until 27th July 2018 at the Bluecoat Print Studio.

Printmaking For BeginnersShop Online HP Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges in UK

The Printmaking workshop aims at teaching the variety of print techniques from the block and bold based print technique to the linear drawing based technique. Attending the workshop will enable you to understand the significant principles of printmaking. The participants will be invited to the Intaglio studio to create hand-made prints along with a different level printmaking using their century-old traditional etching press. The workshop will give an amazing chance to discover the different qualities of printmaking and create monoprint, linocut and drypoint with a personal touch.

The complete experience with Printmaking workshop will add to your artistic talent and further refine your skills with the knowledge that will enable you to comprehend the difference between relief techniques and intaglio. Furthermore, after you graduate the knowledge-oriented session, you will have the opportunity to hire Intaglio Studio. All are welcome to attend the event even without a prior experience. The workshop has commenced on 20th January 2018 and will run until 21st July 2018 at Intaglio Studio.

Saturday Maker Club: 3D Printing

The art of print and inks has witnessed an evolutionary revolution in the past decades. After the advent of printer ink in Liverpool and other parts of the globe, it is the era of 3D printing that’s bringing in the new trend. And to get the people of Liverpool on the floor with the new innovation, Saturday Maker Club is organising a 3D printing event for everyone. The Saturday Maker Club is a part of the Liverpool Libraries Maker Difference Program. The goal of the program is to transform ideas into beautiful libraries across the city.

The 3D printing workshop will give you an opportunity to create designs for 3D printing and transform the designs into a real 3-dimensional solid object using the libraries’ printer. The best part of this workshop is that you can participate even without a prior experience in the field. The event is actually open for children aged 8 and above. So, you have an amazing chance to celebrate an innovative Saturday out with your kids.

The Club will be introducing a new making skill every Saturday at Toxteth Library and Norris Green. However, the 3D printing workshop will take place on 3rd March 2018 at the Toxteth Library, Liverpool.

Tate Liverpool Exhibition

The Tate Exhibition is presenting one of the most outstanding masterworks from the renowned British artist of 20th-century, John Piper. He was one of the significant artists of his time, famous for the dynamic and romantic paintings of his native landscape. He showcased his skills across a remarkable range of artwork including designs for theatre and stained glass. Piper’s masterpieces are a reflection of his love and profound knowledge of the British architecture which includes magnificent monuments, landscapes and buildings that add to the UK’s cultural heritage.

This year’s Tate Exhibition is enlightening John Piper’s powerful role and contribution to the development of abstract art in Britain – his work will be displayed along with the artwork of Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso who share same likes.

Piper had a strong connection to the North West region and Liverpool in particular which can be seen in the creative designs of the beautiful stained glass windows in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Visitors are invited to be a part of this explicit art exhibition where they will also get a chance to explore the native art forms such as medieval stained glass windows and Anglo-Saxon and Romanesque stone carvings admired by Piper.

One more thing worthy of attention is that the Tate Liverpool Exhibition is paired with the Surrealism in Egypt. That means the ticket you buy for this event will also give you an entry to the event happening in Egypt. The exhibition is already on from 17 November 2017 and is set to be open until 18 March 2018 at Albert Dock near Liverpool Waterfront.

Monochrome – The Print Exhibition

The famous dot-art Gallery in Liverpool is showcasing the artistic skills from the local artists this year in the art event ‘Monochrome.’ The exhibition is taking place in contrast with the last year’s event ‘Chroma’ which showcased the impression of colours. This time it is an opportunity to view the artwork that revolves around creative process, form and subject. As the name of the event suggests, it will take you on a tour of a striking art collection that is still arresting despite the absence of colours.

The exhibition displays the beautiful collection of paintings from three talented artists namely Lee Summerfield, Susan Williams and David Brightmore. Each one of the artists has given out their best in the paintings with a limited use of colours. Their prime focus can be seen in the texture, shadowy path and form of the paintings. Each artist has showcased a different skill in the paintings. One takes inspiration from the natural world and concentrates the same onto the painting using local organic and mineral pigments with metals. While the other throws a powerful energy onto his work which is filled with lively abstract figures created only with the use of charcoal and pencil – an absolute monochrome masterpiece.

The Monochrome exhibition began on 26th January 2018 and is set to inspire the visitors until 10th March 2018 at the dot-art Gallery in Liverpool. Visitors are welcome to attend the event without any entry fee.

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The Republic Paint Party

This event is more like a party than a paint event you know about. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the world of art with your friends and family while you groove along the music track. No competition, no guidelines and no judgement. It is just an opportunity to paint your way and take the final creation back home to hang it on the wall and have some praises from your family.

People who attend the paint event will be accompanied by a professional artist hosting the show and helping you discover your inner creativity while loosely instructing you how to paint. The organisers recommend carrying an alcoholic beverage to help you get along with the event. Apart from that nothing is required. All materials will be provided at the event. The basic idea of organising such events is to encourage people to enjoy the inner creativity with freestyle painting, art and colours. The paint party will take place this year on 7th March, 21st March, 4th April and 18th April. Read more »

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