Prints And Inks – The Innovation Of Art and Printer Ink Technology in London

‘Art is the heart of London’ – It just comes out intuitively when you look at the mind-boggling art galleries, exhibitions, musical events and the colourful nightlife. And, of course, you cannot forget the phenomenal history of London that is just incomplete without art and culture.

Apart from being widely accepted as the cultural capital of the world, London leads the economic space with its service industries, financial services, and professional services. Technology is another significant work segment that keeps London in the centre of the global business and economy.

From 18.7% in 1997 to 22.7% in 2015, the city has witnessed a rapid expansive growth with the GDP. London has a striking economy – despite accounting for only 12.5% of the UK population it contributes 22% GDP to the nation. Forecasts indicate that London will generate about 24.8% GDP by 2022. Though the economy of London will broadly remain unchanged in 2018, new businesses in the city will create a new wave of opportunities. Predictably, this will give an upward push in employment in the region, which is obviously good news.

Another good news story is London print industry. The London Printer Ink industry is a vibrant, fast-paced, rapidly developing manufacturing sector staying. London ink cartridge suppliers are coming up with eco-friendly, cost-effective ways to help the consumers produce their printwork with fast turnaround times, minimal wastage and great output quality. The print shows happening in London this year are an explicit example of the latest print technology evolving.Through the culture, London is witnessing a golden age of prints, from the traditional screen prints to the latest digital print.

So, let’s just explore the vivid print shows, exhibitions, and workshops taking place in London this year. These events have an incredibly positive impact on the economy and the way people turn towards creating art using the 21st century tiny yet significant tools such as ink cartridges and toner cartridges in London along with the much-used screen printing tools.

The Annual Art Fair

Shop Online Epson Ink Cartridges In UK The London Original Print Fair is the longest-running art fair in the city. This year in 2018, the event is celebrating its 33rd year with 50 international specialist dealers, galleries and print publishers who are invited to exhibit their artistic creations. The fair is set to showcase the art of London ink and print that includes rare masterpieces of the old times to the latest contemporary printwork. The London Original Print Fair exhibitors will represent the world’s pioneering authorities on prints.

As their traditional gesture, the fair will offer an opportunity to buy and view London print and ink work from the earliest woodcuts of Durer to the latest editions by top artists. Visitors along with print enthusiasts have by their side an eco-friendly atmosphere and a chance to engage with celebrated artists and dealers.

The LOPF is scheduled to run in the Royal Academy’s beautiful Main galleries from 3-6 May 2018.

Print Innovations Summit

If you are waiting to get tailor-made print solutions for your business, Print Innovation Summit is the place for you. Summit Print Innovations highlights the technology innovations in print and ink cartridge industry in London. The event brings in a unique opportunity that enables you to engage with print solution providers, helping you to enhance your business and cut down your budgets. You will get a chance to have a one-to-one meeting with companies that match your requirements. It is a highly focused event bringing interactive seminars and valuable networking opportunities allowing you to build lasting business relationships. Prints Innovation Summit is scheduled to be held on 22 November 2018 in London.

The London Print Design Fair

The London Print Design Fair is the leading design and printer ink exhibition in London and one of the biggest industry trade show in UK, presenting to the visitors a unique combination of print design,knit and vintage design, embroidery and garments – all under one roof. The one-of-its-kind event is held twice a year in London attracting 60 international studios from UK, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, US, France, Denmark and Spain to London. The latest collections from top international studios make this event a classic place to attend.

It is a two-day event happening at the Business Design Center from 20 March to 21st March 2018.

3D Printing And Technology Expo

London printer ink technology has evolved over the years with an innovative perspective witnessing a great market potential in establishing a new business. It brings in opportunities for a variety of sectors such as construction, automobile engineering, architecture, designing and more.

The 3D Printing and Technology Expo is a significant event in London printer ink and technology industry. The event familiarises us with the latest technologies that signify the advent of 3D Printing. The focus of the event is set on exploring new technologies and innovations in 3D printing. The interactive event will take place on 19 and 20 March 2018.

(We are going to see some events related to screen prints next. So, let me shed some light on screen printing. Though we have our business revolving around digital printing technology, supplying London toner cartridges and ink cartridges, there is an intellectual connection between screen prints and digital prints. First of all, both of them reflect the art of printing – one proves its talent with the use of stencils and the other does with the use of computer processing. Screen printing hails from the old era while the digital printing is the modern art of today. But the phenomenal aspect of both the artworks is they do their job in an incredibly artistic way, transferring the vibrant colours to a fabric, bringing the real art to life! Don’t you think? Well, let’s just end the story of prints here and move on to explore the best screen print events happening in London this year.)

Jealous Re-Hang

Jealous is coming up this February with an all-new group exhibition ‘Jealous Re-Hang’. The exhibition will have popular editions of screen prints crafted over the last ten years. Amongst the artwork, you will find the most-loved art pieces from artists Sara Pope, Sarah Fotheringham, Angie Lewin, Jessica Albarn, Mark Denton, Rowan Newton, Magnus Gjoen, Amanda Marie, David Shrigley, Jealous Inc and more. Exclusive screen prints from a variety of print artists are what you will find here.

Jealous Re-Hang has already put up the show on 31st January 2018 which will run until 25th February 2018 at the Jealous’ Crouch End Gallery Space.

Paddington Printshop

Paddington Printshop is a renowned community-based printer ink shop in London founded in 1974. The print shop works for the local community creating posters for the art resource. The posters are created by the Paddington print shop along with the contribution from the community. Besides working on posters, the print shop conducts screen printing workshops too.

This year, the print shop is conducting a two-day screen printing course giving the art enthusiasts an opportunity to learn screen printing in a more complex and professional manner. The participants will be familiarised with the layered imagery, composition, use of photographic stencils and more. Every participant will learn the art with at least 5 different layers and colours.

The Paddington screen print workshop is scheduled to be conducted on 22nd and 23 February 2018.

Jazz Printing

Jazz Printing is a knowledge gathering print workshop that is happening this year on 11 April 2018. The workshop brings an opportunity to learn the basics of screen printing. Through the use of a variety of colours and style, participants will be able to print for themselves their personal masterpiece – screen print on t-shirts, notebooks, napkins and canvas. Plus, an opportunity to design posters to frame for home. All the materials and equipment required will be available from the Jazz Printing.

The workshop will be held at the Two Temple Place, the first venue of London that will be showcasing the publicly-owned artwork from around the UK.

London Ink Paper + Print at The Town Gallery

Ink Paper + Print is the destination for the best new makers, illustrators and designers working in contemporary graphic arts and design. Their events comprise printmaking from the 20th century, visual arts, traditional screen printing and linocuts to the latest like Xerox and risographs.

Ink Paper + Print’s first event in 2018 will be a Print and illustration Fair scheduled on 13th and 14th October 2018. The event will invite 55 exhibitors to showcase their exclusive variety of printmaking, artist’s books, 20th-century design, ceramics and modern crafts. The exhibition of artwork will be divided into two halls. The first will be reserved for modern printmakers, university illustration departments, risoprints, zines and fresh talent. The second hall will have the established printmakers exhibiting their work inspired by the celebrated artists of 20th century. It will include mid-century prints and ephemera, fine press, patterned paper and more.

Besides having a walk through the exhibition, visitors will be able to participate in engaging talks and behind-the-scenes tours of the Towner. You can hear some of the leading illustrators of UK discuss their work. The first will be put up on 13th and 14th October 2018, at one of the Britain’s leading galleries, The Town Gallery. The platform will be hosting a series of Print fairs and talks over the year in London and South East.

London Ink Paper + Print at Margaret

The Ink Paper + Print will be hosting the next event of the year in Margaret at Two venues. The event themed on illustration and Print Fair will be held at the iconic Turner Contemporary Gallery and the Margate Winter Gardens on 27th and 28th October, 2018. More than 75 exhibitors will be a part of the event presenting to the visitors their latest creations in printmaking, artist books, 20th-century design, contemporary crafts and ceramics. Precisely, its an opportunity for everyone to meet the top printmakers showcasing their creations at one of the leading galleries of Britain.

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Print Club London On A Hunt

The Print Club London is inviting artists this year, to be a part of their limited edition screen prints workshop. This will give them a chance to showcase their artistic talent and produce designs that can be easily translated into a screen print. The screen printed designs will then be displayed on Print Club London online Gallery – for an exclusive sale.

Even the beginners or print enthusiasts with little knowledge of screen print can participate in the Print Club London Beginners workshop before enrolling themselves for the screen print edition. One lucky artist will be invited to the studio every month with a benefit of 1-month membership. With this, the artists can grab the opportunity that includes the use of studio facilities and support from technicians at free of cost.

Both screen printing and digital printing provide customised solutions to the kind of artwork you wish to produce. Screen printing is best when you require a large-size printwork with high-level of vibrancy while digital printing is best when you require orders of small-size with high amounts of detail.

The digital printing technology of 21st century brings to you the much-needed consumables, toner cartridge and ink cartridge, London. The ink cartridge London online retail suppliers like the have for the Londoners an optimum solution to customise their printwork with enhanced reliability and performance. The London printer ink labels enable you to tag your things in the most beautiful way, while the Epson ink cartridges in London allow you to produce your artwork with the most innovative custom colours, graphics and much more. Whether it is about creating the most memorable artistic photographs or about producing a whole range of colourful documents, you can get everything under one roof with London printer inks.

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