Manchester Print and Ink Industry Redefines Relationship Between People and Art

Mancunian has always been synonymous for artists, playwrights, musicians, scientist, and sports persons. It’s so difficult to pin one thing that can be called the heart of Manchester.  While many feel one cannot introduce without mentioning football, yet, the art galleries and museums exuberates the relationship between people and art. It is the largest city after London, industrially and creatively. It is of the ten metropolitan that makes the Greater Manchester (GM), which comprises of Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Oldham, Wigan, and Trafford.r

As per, it is UK’s second-largest economy that has an employed population of 1.3 million that contributes to the £59.6 billion GVA. From being the birthplace of Industrial Revolution to a ground-breaking Devolution Agreement, the city has shown that power, skill, and innovation are in its DNA. The devolution agreement has led to phenomenal growth in many sectors like technology, healthcare, tourism, and e-commerce to name a few. It is also UK’s biggest marketing, design, and advertising centre. Industries related to printer ink cartridges in Manchester has been instrumental in fostering innovative thinking and redefining industries.

In spite of being Europe’s most desired “business” destination, it oozes self-confidence in art and creativity. It has been a playing field of many fairs and exhibitions that support and connect with a large network of creatives from all over the UK and Europe. The innovation in Art brought by Manchester printer ink technology is evident in the screen prints and 3D crafts.

To give a taste, we have compiled a list of few of the Manchester’s most popular print and ink exhibitions by the famous artists and illustrators. Here are some of the fairs to look for this year (2018)

Manchester Print Fair

Shop Online Brother Compatible Ink Cartridges in UKIt is a celebration of all styles of printed art and designs by independent artists. Manchester Print Fair (MPF) offers a creative platform for artists and network with print industry dealers. Genesis of the Manchester Ink cartridge industry, it proves how art is no longer restricted to a canvas. It is one of the most popular events where one can find the finest art designs and photography incorporated in textile, zines, posters, and others forms.

On 14th of April 2018, they are proudly celebrating their 15th MPF at Manchester Cathedral in Victoria Street. It going to be a perfect day for the art lovers to soak into some outstanding creativity in a sunny Saturday afternoon, the fair starts at 10:00 until 4:45 pm in the evening.

There are loads to offer from the products of the printer ink cartridge manufacturers. Families can enjoy live screen-printing hosted by Hope House Print. A great opportunity to learn letterpress from the prominent sponsors’ of the event Cleeve Press and Red Button Press, as they demonstrate the traditional art. The spacious Manchester cathedral is also conducting competitions and paper workshops, sponsored by the G.F Smith. Wouldn’t it be wonderful be to be able to design and print customised merchandise like envelopes, Greeting Cards, and other stationery that can carry the message and values of the business.

Reveal Printmakers Exhibition of Limited Edition Prints

One of a kind Manchester’s exhibition that ceremonies how print can create wonderful fresh lively creation with combinations of texture, colour and line. It’s the genesis of ten contemporary artists from the prestigious Hot Bed Press workshop in Salford. Reveal Printmakers Exhibition is the latest exhibition of their limited edition new pieces at the old Parsonage, Didsbury from 3 Mar 2018 to 25 Mar 2018.

Many who have attended can vouch that you can’t stop yourself from getting caught up in the groups’ infectious enthusiasm for print and all magic that it can do. Artists will be at the venue on Sundays 4, 11, 18 and 25th March 2018.

Their art will show a variety of styles and techniques in a wide range of subject matter. The exhibition is going to be accessible, entertaining and affordable. The Parsonage opens daily 9.30 to 5 pm.

The Whitworth Gallery

The Whitworth is a part of the University of Manchester. Its beautiful gallery building is situated in the city park cleverly integrating the interior with the lovely surroundings. A ‘must see’ gallery in Manchester, which is home to UK’s finest collections of art & design.

Never been to the Whitworth? Must plan a visit soon! Families can enjoy the park with its own garden and outdoor sculptures and a nice café. Some of the upcoming extraordinary exhibitions are listed below:

In the Land

If you were mesmerised by the reveal printmakers exhibition then “In the land” will take you to the next level. It is about rethinking the form, texture and space of the natural landscape.

This exhibition is an ode to the period where artist have suffered the devastation of war. An intense experimentation with British art and sculpture that attempts to capture the sensation of being within the landscape. It is an unconventional representation of the landscape as a scenery.

The show will run from 28th January to 28th October 2018. The exhibition will feature the work of some of the extraordinary artists like John Piper, Peter Lanyon, Roger Hilton to name a few.


Another upcoming event on 3 February 2018, is Apna. Apna is a South Asian women’s art group based in Rossendale. The word Apna in the Hindi language means ‘ours, yours or everybody’s’. The exhibits will express the stories of  two worlds. The first world being Apna, whose beautiful artwork on fabrics are displayed alongside pieces of gallery’s collection, the other world. It is a selective Whitworth’s collection displaying some of the ceremonial clothes, Kantha embroidery and mirror. The inspiration is sparked by a range of stories, be it a monsoon on a wedding day in Pakistan to grey rainy days in the North of England. These stories were told through sessions in Rossendale, woven and stitched into the centre of each new piece at the Whitworth.

Families can make an enriching Sunday activity at the park with some music and storytelling sessions as a part of the Collections Centre exhibition by Apna. It starts at 1pm, and the entry is free for all. The storytelling session is on 25 Feb & 25 March and music session is on 29 Apr & 13 May.

Place Cannes Do 2018

The barriers to entering the print industry in Manchester are remarkably low, which is apparent with the growth of a large number of manufacturers and suppliers. Place Cannes Do is an annual event of 500 property professionals, who gather for an afternoon of quality networking in Manchester. MIPIM, a premier real estate event, presents an opportunity to build professional contacts with the most influential players from all sectors of the international property industry without having to book a flight to Cannes.

Place Cannes Do 2018 is only in its third year and it has already bagged the most popular event of the year. It was a sold-out event the previous year (2017) and from the storm of registrations, it seems that this year too is going to be a sold-out event.

Place Cannes Do 2018 sponsors’ Malcolm Hollis and Wates Group have organised this year’s event on 16th of March 2018 at the majestic Principal Manchester. The event will start at midday and close at 5 pm same day.

Hands-on 3D Printing

As the world is intrigued by the 3D prints and design, 3D printer and Printer Ink industry brings the best to Manchester. The event gets you chance to acquire hands-on experience with 3D printing and design, 3D model, and live creation on a 3D printer. 3D printer is an example of the innovative technology.

For all those who wanted to get into 3D printing, but don’t quite know how to get started, then this is the place to check out! It’s wonderfully designed programmes that requires no prior knowledge. It’s worth giving a try as apart from the experience, it also gives a guidance how to get started, buying a first 3D printer and the range of topic from business challenges etc.

Additionally, MadFabLab offers a 3 months basic membership worth £90 for free. The membership gives access to 3D printers and expensive tools like laser cutters, CNC machine etc.

Not only beginners but experienced 3D businesses can benefit from the advanced guidance on part-designs, material choices, and finding the best suppliers for small-batch fabrication. Truly dedicated to promote innovation, the experienced facilitators will be open to have a look at specific designs or prototyping problems that one may face.

The workshop is on behalf of the Big Ideas Generators project by MadLab. Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab) is an organisation that promotes innovation by offering open-access to workshop for Manchester’s hackers, makers, and tinkerers. It provides tools (that can be shared) and space to create amazing innovations, play and experiment with new technology, meet and collaborate with others.

Although the event details mentions the availability of few laptops/PC’s, however, it is highly recommended to carry personal laptop.  Below are the listed dates and venues of the few upcoming hands-on events happening in and around Manchester.

Hands-on 3D Printing at Stockport Central Library

Beginners can attend the demonstration and guidance session on 23rd Feb 2018, at Stockport Library, Wellington Road South. It is scheduled to start at 10:30 am and ends at 1:30 pm.

Hands-on 3D Printing at Oldham Library

Missed the event at the Stockport central library? No worries, another session is happening on 9th March 2018 at Oldham Library, Greaves Street, Oldham. It is at the same time that is 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

3D Print Technical Surgery at Stockport Library

Don’t get this confused with Hands-on 3D Printing at Stockport Central Library. This is going to be hands on the 3D Print Technical Surgery. The facilitator will dissect on part design, material choice, small-batch fabrication and other prototyping problems.

This 90-minute workshop is right after the 3D printing workshop for beginners at 2 pm on the 23rd Feb 2018, at Stockport Library, Wellington Road South.

The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair

2nd of March 2018 will mark the return of The Hepworth Wakefield’s popular Print Fair 2018. It will be a three-day gala event celebrating the art of innovative printmaking with Printer Ink in Manchester’s rustic converted mill space called The Calders. It will feature a handpicked selection of over 50 printmakers, collectives and galleries all across the UK.

While entry for under 16 is free, others can get an entry with a fee of £2, between 10 am up until 5 pm. It is hosting free printing activities that family can enjoy along with street food and drink at The Hepworth Café.

The fair will feature a special event programme and a talk on their forthcoming exhibition “School Prints”. The Hepworth Wakefield has invited six British artists to create limited edition prints of the original 1940’s brief that will be available to the public for £500 each. This is a perfect demonstration of the evolution of art by technology. The events like these are validating the redefinition of the relationship between people and art that is brought by the printing industry.

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