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Printer Inks Industry Of Glasgow Presents The Latest Print & Ink Festivals Decorating The City

The sheer lustiness of the city architecture, an innovative mindset and an aspiring young population is what constitutes the city of Glasgow – the one and only largest metropolitan city of Scotland. Being one of the most visited places in the UK it has gathered a virtuous fame worldwide.

Since the time it started developing into a city, the economy flourished visibly. Industrial Revolution stimulated a dynamic transformation into its economic space, making way for industries such as chemicals, textiles, and engineering which gave Glasgow a global recognition. One of the most notable achievements of the city can be witnessed in the shipbuilding and marine engineering which created a line of famous inventions in the form of vessels.

More so in the 21st-century, Glasgow is constantly experiencing economic growth and development. Most of the credit goes to its strategic planning, a vibrant young population and business growth in technology and service sectors – with the modern printer inks industry of Glasgow being a part of it.

Glasgow is the heart and soul of Scotland’s economy and is one of the fastest rising economies in the UK. Plus, it is the second highest productive city among the core cities of the UK. Adding to this success, in 2016, Glasgow rolled out an Economic Strategy that further aims to be at the vanguard of the UK’s economy by 2023. The city will move in the direction of productive growth by providing creative opportunities to its citizens, supporting them and bringing the underused skills and local talent at the forefront. To achieve this Glasgow looks forward to attract the right mix of businesses, productivity, innovation and investment to the city and creating an outstanding infrastructure that comes to be known as the most diverse and forward-thinking in Europe. It aims at excelling in the global competition by moving ahead in creative industries, digital technology, engineering and manufacturing, finance and business services, healthcare and more.

In 2016, Glasgow economy enhanced reaching the highest ever employment rate of 67.3%. And yet further the city goals are fixed at maintaining or exceeding this rate over the period 2017-2023. Therefore, the next 7 years in Glasgow will see a significant striving that intends to increase the number of businesses and the number people actively employed.

We as the dealers of printer ink cartridge in Glasgow aim at playing an instrumental role in its thriving economy.

We have discussed a good lot of economic accomplishments and goals of the city. Now as we have come here to share the major highlights of the print and ink exhibitions and events happening in the city, we cannot forget to note the cultural existence of Glasgow.

The city of Glasgow has a wide range of infrastructure that supports every kind of cultural activities. It is home to the oldest swimming pool in the world. Moreover, it has an excellent selection of museums that are devoted to transport, religion and modern art. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one of the famous art hotspots of the city that house renowned artwork and paintings such as French Impressionists, Scottish Colourists, Glasgow Boys etc. The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery of the city is known to have the best collection of Whistler paintings in the world.

Now let’s just explore the art events of Glasgow that will add to the best moments you live in 2018!

Glasgow Print Studio

Glasgow Print Studio is a charitable art centre found in 1972 by a group of graduates from Glasgow School of Art. Since its inception, the Studio has been encouraging and promoting the art of printmaking in the city while leaving its contributions being recognised in the whole of UK. The organisation is supported by the Creative Scotland and Glasgow City Council.

The Glasgow Print Studio is a school of printmaking within itself. The studio has more than 300 artists as members who use the custom-built printer inks workshops in Glasgow. The organisation supports artist members by promoting and selling their print work in their gallery, on their website and even at international art events.

The studio also has space to conduct two exhibitions simultaneously. The studio provides all the required facilities to create screen prints, relief prints, etching and other printmaking techniques. All the more, if you wish to learn the art of printmaking, Glasgow Print Studio provides learning programme that focuses on teaching and developing an understanding of the fine art. Not just traditional printmaking, but the studio also focuses on developing artwork through modern digital printer inks in Glasgow.

As usual, this year Glasgow Print Studio is organising multiple printmaking events that showcase the magnificent talent of the artists.

Calum McClure – Somewhere Becoming RainShop Online Epson Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges in UK

This is the first major solo art exhibition of Calum McClure with the Glasgow Print Studio. The artist brings out the beauty of nature in our surroundings in his latest collection of paintings, monotypes and etchings.

His artwork is the result of his inspiration he draws from the walk through nature – in parks and gardens. His paintings neither pictures the traditional landscapes and nor gives the feeling of wilderness. Instead, his paintings dive into the miniature beauty of how the rain falls or what is the shape of the branch that is overhanging a pool of water. To depict this in the most evoking way he strives to illuminate the atmosphere of the place through the depiction of light, shadow and reflections.

His creations explore the fleeting way we often see nature and place. The observer is lost in the world of bright yellows and shades of blues that are chosen thoughtfully to connect with nature.

His paintings are positive, beautiful and lyrical belonging to a precious environment that is to be nurtured, contemplated and celebrated. Calum McClure paintings are set to immerse you in the serenity of nature from 24th February to 8th April 2018 at Glasgow Print Studio.

Etching – Photo Etching

The Glasgow Print Studio is conducting an intermediate level two-day course that aims at exploring the principles of photo etching. The course also gives a chance to the participants to prepare artwork to expose onto the plates.

You will get to learn the process of coating and exposing photo etching plates and create the final prints. It will include the use of computers and hand-drawn processes. All you need to do is bring a photograph, drawing or a digital image of A4 size. Prior experience of etching and computer skills are mandatory. You can join the learning programme on 7th and 8th April 2018 at Glasgow Print Studio.

Ciara Philips – Glasgow International 2018

Glasgow Print Studio is conducting Glasgow International 2018 for which it will present the women-oriented print work developed by the Turner Prize Nominee Ciara Phillips.

Primarily, Ciara is a screen printer. Her print work is a beautiful and innovative blend of texts, photography, abstract forms created with strong aesthetic and conceptual voice. The reflection of her artwork revolves around addressing issues of women’s representation and self-actualisation. She adopts an experimental and process-based approach to her creation.

Her artwork will be put for the exhibition from 20th April to 3rd June 2018 at the Glasgow Print Studio.

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art

Glasgow is one of the leading art hotspot famous among the global art communities. It is one the most favourite destination for the art fans. And what can be more thrilling for art lovers than the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts – a biennial festival that brings the city’s artistic vibrancy to the world stage while providing a unique platform to showcase artistic production.

Directed by Richard Parry, the 2018 event is a concentration of newly created artwork, site-specific commissions, exhibitions and other events ready to put up a great show across 70 venues in the city from April 20 to May 7 2018.

Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair 2018

Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair is celebrating its fourth year of success. For the time it will be held at the very popular Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. This event is for art enthusiasts, admirers, and even for those who wish to bring their most liked artwork home. This event compiles masterpieces from some of the best art galleries and artists in the UK. You can explore the emerging local talent, meet celebrity artists and buy from a wide range of art collection with prices varying from €50 to €30,000.

10th May 2018 will be the Preview Evening, an art-filled night coupled with a welcome drink. The mission of the art fair is to provide to the visitors a wider collection of first-class original and reasonable modern art from excellent galleries. The event will be held on 11 May 2018.

Scottish Region Members’ Print Exhibition – Glasgow

The Scottish Region Members’ Print Exhibition is a printer ink photography event of Glasgow organised by the Royal Photographic Society. Everybody including members and non-members is welcome to be a part of this event. You have the opportunity to present your work alongside the photographers from across the world.

The Royal Photographic Society organises Glasgow printer ink photography competitions and exhibitions throughout the year for every level of photographic practice. Their photographic print exhibitions travel around the UK as well as overseas.

Pertaining to this event, every year the Scottish members of the Royal Photographic Society choose 40 images that exemplify the current initiated by them. Each member is allowed to showcase only one image during the event to allow more number images being showcased by different photographers.

This year the event is taking place travelling along across Scotland between 2nd September and 30the September 2018.

Mackintosh 150

Glasgow has the pride of being the only place in the world that houses the very attractive architecture created by renowned Glaswegian architect and designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. This year the city will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of his birth by performing a year-long programme of events that mark the legacy and creative genius of Glasgow’s great cultural icon.

The main highlights include grand new exhibition held at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and the much-awaited relaunch of Mackintosh at the Willow in June 2018.

Visitors will get an opportunity to view the extraordinary work created by Mackintosh over his lifetime. His work will be showcased alongside his peers and the modern talent that add to the Glasgow style. This is the chance to witness some of the Mackintosh creations that have not been put on display for more than 30 years.

Mackintosh Festival (October)

Again in October this year, Glasgow will be celebrating ‘Mackintosh Month’ attracting thousands of visitors to enjoy a series of events at different venues in the city. During the month, visitors and Glaswegians are welcome to visit workshops and exhibitions, savour walks and talks and much more. The event is a must-visit for all ages and being a place anyone will love to visit.

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