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Walk down the streets of Newcastle and you will feel the warmth and friendliness of the locals. Newcastle’s vibrant and friendly atmosphere sets it apart. Even more, the nightlife, amazing list of clubs, restaurants and other lively hotspots will make you feel spoilt for choices.

Newcastle’s forward-thinking attitude and stubborn desire have made to emerge from the most important wool centre in the 14th century to the world’s largest shipbuilding centre in the 19th century. The city played a significant role during the Industrial Revolution diverting its economy to leading centres including shipbuilding, coal mining and manufacturing. Later on, service and retail sector became the staples of the city.

Being the most populous city in North East UK, Newcastle’s economy has developed substantially in the recent years. Jobs in the city have reached the heights dramatically, with the city ready to cross 200,000 mark.

Last year, the city witnessed 4.4% growth – the highest recorded in the UK. In the coming decade, Newcastle economy is forecast to grow by 14.5%, second to Manchester among the major cities in the North. The council is set to increase the number of jobs by attracting new businesses and investment into the city. Collaboratively, the government is moving ahead strategically to combat environmental changes and create better conditions for employment.

PwC Good Growth for Cities Index 2017 has highlighted Newcastle as one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. The city rankings were based on a number of economic factors such as employment, income, skills, health, housing, affordability and number of new start-ups. The latest statistics of Newcastle reveal that in a span of three months (Jan-Mar 2017) the North East’s unemployment rate dropped down from 7% to 5.9%.

Today, Newcastle is home to 20,290 digital jobs and 211 startups which lead the city to become a major hub for digital business. The technology sector of the city is flourishing so vivaciously that experts have predicted the growth to rise by 76%. The Newcastle printer inks industry is a part of the digital trend. More so, it aims at providing the best platform for ink cartridge supplies in the Newcastle and the UK.

Now, moving on to the art culture of the Newcastle, it is vibrant, spectacular and ever-expanding. The art galleries and the museums in the city are full of life. If you plan to visit Newcastle, don’t forget to step in the magnificent galleries.

To make the year 2018 more delightful, innovative and knowledge-gathering, we present to you Newcastle’s most inspiring art exhibitions and workshops. Enjoy the beauty of art and discover the artist within you!

The Biscuit Factory

You will find the UK’s largest independent contemporary art, craft and design gallery situated in the centre of Newcastle’s cultural quarter. It is popularly known as the Biscuit Factory. The gallery is divided into two floors with every season bringing in a wonderful collection of modern fine art, original prints, jewellery, quality craftsmanship, designed homewares and sculpture form more than 200 artists.

Print & Press – Carol Nunan

Shop Online Epson Compatible Ink Cartidges In UKThis spring, the Biscuit Factory is presenting a new printmaking exhibition Print & Press from Graphic designer turned printmaker Carol Nunan. The event is set to exhibit the original work of Carol Nunan alongside the artwork created by her printmaking students and guest tutors. You will get a chance to discover printmaking techniques ranging from collograph and woodcut, to linocut and monotypes.

Having practised graphic designing, Carol’s work gets partly influenced by it. This fact makes her artwork stand out distinctively. Her printmaking is inspired by her likes in working with shapes, distinctive silhouettes (from architectural to floral) and more. She fills the details more randomly while experimenting with colours and textures – allowing the material to display the final results.

According to Carol, printmaking is a great start for those who believe they cannot draw. The world of printmaking uplifts your belief and allows you to discover that beautiful things can be created without having to draw anything. This gives you the confidence to nurture your skills and art – even drawing.

Print & Press exhibition is already attracting a great number of visitors from 2nd March 2018. It will continue inspiring art lovers until 20th May 2018.

Open Art and Craft Exhibition

The Brampton Museum is organising a diverse art exhibition called the Annual Open Art exhibition this year. The unique event will be displaying a full range of artwork from both professional and amateur artists of all ages. Be it paintings, jewellery, photos or printer inks art of Newcastle, you will surely find your favourite artwork displayed here.

This an opportunity to explore and get inspirations from the local talent. The event is already here – from 10th March to 22nd April 2018.

Newcastle Printmakers Workshop

The Newcastle Printmakers Workshop in Adamstown is another famous hotspot for art lovers who wish to learn the fine art of printmaking. The workshop runs a variety of classes every year to develop understanding and making of print work.

In 2018, the workshop is running weekly courses based on different printmaking techniques. It also conducts one-day and two-day courses.

Solarplate with Seraphina

It’s a good news for newbie printmakers! Seraphina Martin a printmaker with more than 20 years experience in printmaking will be introducing the new art of Solar Plate etching – a healthy, quick and simple alternative to the traditional etching process. She has been practising and developing the non-toxic technology of Solar Plate etching since 1994.

The two-day course with Seraphina will enable you to use the sun and water to etch the plates instead of acids and solvents. The final creation will be as remarkable as the traditional procedure giving you vibrant colours in etching. The printmaking process will be taught to the learners through lectures, practical exercises and demonstrations. You will have the opportunity to give your drawings, paintings and photographs a new life with the application of imaginative fine art prints and a variety of colours.

Interested people are welcome to join the course on 17th and 18th April 2018.

Zinc Plate Etching with Copper Sulphate

Ambitious printmaking learners have the opportunity to develop their skills through Zinc Plate Etching with Copper Sulphate – a two-day course introduced by Amanda Donohue, a printmaker having 20 years and more experience in etching, linocut, drypoint and collagraph.

Aspiring printmakers and beginners who love the traditional as well as the modern etching process, can have an exciting new experience with this course. The participants will get a chance to learn how to prepare the plates, apply grounds and how to transfer a drawing. The desired outcome will be achieved by using spray paint and stencils. The course will conclude with every participant having created a zinc plate with an image and intaglio printing ready for framing.

The course will be conducted on 19th and 20th May 2018 at the Newcastle Printmaker Workshop.

Newcastle Printmaker Workshop – Exhibition of Members’ Prints

Newcastle Printmaker Workshop is celebrating the Winter Solstice and the migratory shorebirds travelling along the East Asian-Australian Flyway. This event is a part of the Overwintering Project operated by Kate Gorringe-Smith. The event is dedicated to artwork created by the members of the workshop and will be open from 23rd June 2018.

Another exhibition showcasing the talent of the NPW members will be put on display at Gallery 139 in Hamilton. The event will run from 13th to 23rd December 2018.

Great Exhibition of the North

Great Exhibition of the North is the UK’s biggest upcoming event in 2018. The programme is a must-visit for everyone from kids to elderly. The event is the ultimate entertainment package including awe-inspiring exhibitions, live performances, presentation of innovation and new artwork in a span of 80 days.

The event is absolutely free to visit. It will take you on a tour of the inspiring story of North England and mark the contributions of inventors, businesses, artists and designers that have carved the past and present of the North – yet they keep inspiring us for a better future as well.

The event which will be hosted in Newcastle Gateshead is anticipated to attract an audience of three million people including one million visitors from across the UK and abroad.

As an integral part of the event, the organisers will include entertaining and informative activities for families. In addition, a business summit will be held celebrating the pioneering achievements of the North. The 80-day long event is ready to make its mark in the history of Northern culture from 22nd June to 9th September 2018.

Northern Print Studio

Another well-known workshop space of Newcastle is the Northern Print Studio. The entire space is divided into a studio, gallery and education centre that is dedicated to printmaking. The studio encourages and supports professional artists and artists who are in their practice phase by conducting educational programmes. Alongside, the studio also runs school programmes, events and exhibitions every year for everyone.

The Inky Print Club – For Kids

This event is purely dedicated to children of all ages who would love to enjoy the art of printmaking. However, anybody can be a part of this event. The Inky Print Club will provide a safe, enthusiastic and colourful space for children to mess with colours, amazing quality materials and produce their best artwork.

The participants will be accompanied by a friendly tutor. The main theme of the event is ‘printing with spring’. You will print with wooden shapes that can be customised and made into a wood print of your own. What’s more! You can take your work home and get praises from your parents.

Entry fee is £3 per child. Every participant will be given a glass of refreshing juice and an apron. Kids along with parents are welcome to take part in the colourful event on 11th April 2018 at the Northern Print Studio.

Nicole Polonsky: Thoughtlines

Northern Print Studio is exhibiting the exclusive artwork of Nicole Polonsky. She is a printmaker whose artwork is driven by ideas and creative process. Her approach to printmaking is cross-disciplinary which includes limited-edition prints, book works and multiples, performance and installations and collaborative projects.

Her creations are a result of her extensive research and reflective intervention that sets her work apart. This is followed by her rational approach towards putting media and materials in the right place. Nicole Polonsky’s one such eye-catching print work is being put on display from 2nd May to 16th June 2018.

Saturday Print & Bookmaking Workshop

There is another workshop being organised by Ouseburn Warehouse Studios & Workshops. The course will take you through an exciting introductory session of printmaking & bookmaking providing you innovative ideas and techniques to bind your own artist book. Participants will get an opportunity to create different types of handmade stitched books using simple and easy to understand relief printing technique.

By the end of the course, you will have a pamphlet book, Japanese Stab bound book and Turkish fold book created from your own original prints. You can attend the workshop without any prior experience. The workshop will be conducted on 5th May 2018.

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